House Painting Contractors for Interior and Exterior Paint Projects

How Much Does House Painting Cost?

The cost of painting your house depends on several factors. Included are the contractor and his team, labor, any repairs that the house may need to go forward with the painting, and supplies. We offer homeowners valuable advice, and can also help you get competitive price estimates directly from reputable painters in your area.

So, by now you’re likely asking again, “How much will it cost?” For good quality paint, expect the price to range from $25 to around $35 per gallon—depending largely on the brand and its intended purpose.

Keeping all things in perspective, though, purchasing a cheaper paint is essentially counterproductive, because paint and miscellaneous supplies account for only about 20% of the total cost. The other 80%, give or take, will account for labor—so purchasing a lower-quality paint doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially when it’s going to have to be repainted much sooner than a higher quality mixture (speaking on exterior jobs, that is).

Affordable Paint Job Tips

  • Essentially, expect one gallon of paint to cover around 350 square feet.
  • The average home—a one-story, 3 bed house for example—costs from $1,300 to roughly $3,000 to paint. For larger houses, especially with two or more levels, $4,000 is a good figure right in the middle.
  • For homes in more extreme climates, such as those in the far north or deep south, exterior paint jobs will last around five years. Those in more moderate climates will last 10 or more years.
  • With an average-sized house—say, 1,500 square feet—nine to 11 gallons of paint are usually enough (for either the exterior or interior—not both).
  • If you plan on painting your home’s interior, it’s a good rule of thumb to add about five more gallons for the trim.
  • Make sure to purchase a high-quality acrylic latex paint for the exterior.
  • If you’re planning to repaint a dark color with a light one, or vice-versa, more coats of paint will be required—adding a little extra to labor costs as well.

Use the free online form here at to receive estimates from several local contractors. The service is free, you’re under no obligation, and you’ll get several quality estimates for shopping and comparing on our site.

Where Can I Find a Reliable House Painting Contractor?

Look no further than right here. We have an extensive in-house database directly linked to hundreds of professional painting contractors around the country. Just any old contractor will not be recommended, however. We take the utmost pride in providing the best, most reliable contractors.

Among the criteria we use to filter-out “questionable” or unreasonably expensive contractors are:

  • Pre-Screened—Every contractor that we recommend is pre-screened to ensure that they are fully-licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Solid Reputation—Ours contractors are highly ranked via consumer and independent agencies—particularly the BBB and Consumer Reports.
  • Field Experience—They typically will have a minimum of three to four years specifically in the painting and/or siding industry.
  • Competitive Estimate—We ensure that their going rates are very competitive, and that your individual estimates are equal to or even less than the market average.

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What Goes into My Price Quote?

Paint, supplies, labor, location. That’s what goes into every price estimate from our site and our contractors—and nothing else. There are never any hidden fees or commissions that are tacked on (that many other referral services employ, but won’t openly admit it). Everything is completely transparent to you. That’s what makes our website different.

Fill out our free online form today. Simply provide some basic information about your home, and you’ll get estimates from several contractors local to you. And of course, there’s no obligation whatsoever and there is no hassling. Period.

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