Solvents from regular paints are entering the environment and I am certain we would all wish this could be averted. VOCs, short for Volatile Organic Compounds, are getting into the Earth’s atmosphere. This could have several adverse effects; for example, it can result in ozone depletion, it can contribute to the issue of smog and also the big one; it can contribute to global warming. This leads us find new types of paint to use as we become more informed about these risks. Eco friendly paints were actually first made available back in the 1990s, but they were not popular at all and they didn’t impress the public.

Since consumers are now becoming conscious of the environmental concerns, will Earth friendly paints be more widely chosen? Protests from paint experts will need to be overcome. If paints do not contain the volatile organic compounds, the paint pros warn that these are substandard to those that do. The points the paint pros make are that paint that is environmentally safe is not as efficient to use. The public are shifting to green paints to avert health related problems such as headaches and asthma so the paint makers are forced to consider this.

Latex paint which is water based may just be an solution to this problem. Since VOCs are absent, it means they are safe for the environment. If you are looking to paint iron, this is a problem with water based latex paint since rust is going to take place much faster. Nonetheless, customers are turning more and more often to latex paints.

So for us to consider a paint Earth friendly, we have to know its contents and how it was made. For instance, something that has properties to conceal other paints is called Titanium Dioxide. Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide may prompt sulfuric acid to be produced. The environment is damaged as the acid is released into a body of water.

Titanium Dioxide leads to smog when exposed to sunlight, which is an additional concern. The reality that carcinogens may lead to cancer is a serious concern because of its link with Titanium Dioxide. In spite of all of this, paints nevertheless have Titanium Dioxide.

Consumers are starting to choose environmentally friendly paints now that they are learning more about the health and environmental implications of normal paints.